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New LR (upper) chairs move in to replace original blue pair.  Sofa cushion replacements are on order to match the chair color.  These chairs should be  more durable than the ones replaced.  (October 20, 2006).

During summer '07, we installed this nook down below in front of the building, Ocean View.  Folks spend more time here than originally expected.  It affords a view of the ocean and the manicured front lawn.  A  wind chime above the swing tinkles with the breeze.  A fountain bubbles soothingly.

On "Angels Rest" decks, and now below, many nooks and private spaces can be found for enjoying someone's company or spending some quiet time alone with your private thoughts.

Angels Rest emerged in Spring '08 with new deck and pilings finishes.  Deck surfaces were treated with Flood brand Spa and Deck Base and a "Honey" topcoat.  Railings and pilings were primed and finished with Benjamin Moore's deck paint in white.  The overall effect brightens up the property and offers a more finished look on the decks.       After treatment:                  

Before treatment:

In the Spring of '08, we also replaced one of the palm trees on the front right corner.  Guests may have noticed a sickly palm tree on this corner.  It was replaced with a Carolina Palm acquired from reliable vendor, Gary's Nursery in New Bern, North Carolina.  Here, the tree is being maneuvered off a truck into it's permanent location. 

Another change was legislated by local authorities of The Town of Oak Island.  Officials, seeking a solution to wind-blown refuge polycarts cluttering the island, require most beach properties to install "Polycart Corrals" near the street.  Since we have two street entrances, we elected to place ours on the rear to avoid disrupting landscaping out front.  Guests are urged to place the  polycarts in this corral on Tuesday and Friday nights. 

Need rental information?  Go to Oak Island Accommodations Oak Island Accommodations is our  property manager.    For more information, contact them at  Oak Island Accommodations, Inc, 8901 East Oak Island Drive, Oak Island, North Carolina, 1-800-243-8132.

Watch this space for upgrades to "Angels Rest".  Thank you for visiting "Angels Rest".