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"Angels Rest" was born as an idea in 1996 when we purchased an undeveloped site on the second row of West Beach Drive, Long Beach (now Oak Island), N. C.  The property invited a new home with two living levels on pilings.  Views from either level are exceptional due to low-lying properties near-by.  "Angels Rest" is designed to occupy the green space in the foreground.  Beach and ocean are just beyond the developed row depicted.  Photo 10/05 05.

Financing was secured early September; all permits were finalized mid November,  '05.  Site clearing was underway immediately .  At the same time, "Angels Rest" management secured orders for furnishings and accessories.  By the end of the month, 50% of furnishings were in storage.  Preliminary orders were secured for the remainder. 

Final grading.  This depiction has the ocean to the back of the photographer.     Wastewater treatment infrastructure has been installed below surface (on the left foreground)  and approved by local authorties.   Front driveway will be on the right.   Pilings are next.

Pilings complete!

Pilings notched and girders being installed!

Girders in place.

Framing in mid-form.

Marsh view decks go up.

Ocean view decks take shape.

Marsh view decks in place with roof.

Ocean view "Crows Nest"  coming  up (Upper left) .  Roof  is 95%  complete.

Notice the recessed ceiling in the Living Room (top floor)  Built-ins will occupy the far  wall.

"Angels Rest" gets framing for the "Crow's nest" and its own personalized sign.

One day after this picture, roofers were installing shingles, plumber was finishing his work, and carpenters were installing flooring on the "Crow's Nest".

Shingles are on, fifth deck flooring done, rough plumbing finished, rough electrical underway. Tile, carpet, cabinetry ordered.  Siding will start immediately after sheathing inspection.  Door reorder will fill in the gap in lower front.  June opening continues as target.    (Posted March 26.) 

"Angels Rest" gets "wrapped" - a moisture resistant fabric is applied to the sheathing on all sides, then taped at the seams and around windows and doors.  This procedure is common in moist , windy conditions.  (The wrap colors white and green are simply different rolls.)  As of April  6, the major inspections: sheathing, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical have been passed.  Vinyl siding work is started, with "j" molding around the lower front windows.

Scaffolds on both sides are in place for vinyl siding workers. Insulation is next for interior work, then sheetrock.   Granite has been selected for counter tops for the kitchen.   Discussions with landscapers are being held.  The timeline is holding.  (Photo posted April 9.)

Al and his partner apply siding to the East side. Overlaps face the marsh side,  to reduce "wind pick" from the  prevailing ocean  breeze.   (April 16, 2006). 

Siding finds a "home" on the Ocean view.  April 16, 2006.  Siding was well underway on April 19.  On the same day, interior insulation was installed and received the town inspector's approval.  Sheetrock was on-site and installation starts on April 20.  (Updated 4/19). 

April 25.

April 25

Sheetrock in the NE Bedroom.  April 25.

Rear deck railing in place May 4.

Living room recessed ceiling acquires more definition.  Far wall is ready for built-ins, including fireplace, open and closed shelving and recess for TV. (Base for kitchen bar is in lower right corner.  Elevator opening is partially blocked on the right.  Half bath is in the far right.  (Beach is on the left, not in frame).

Kitchen cabinets.

Tile is installed in the Living Room, top floor.  Beach is to the left, out of the frame.    Half bath is far right.   Partial opening is the elevator shaft.  Stairs down to Family Room are in the middle right.  Pantry door on near right.

Tile is laid in the Family room, beach front.  May 5.

Kitchen cabinets May 5.  Pantry is the door opening, middle left.  Opening to down-stairs to the Family room is on the near left.

Kitchen Cabinets in place.  Note pantry door is trimmed.  All interior trim is in place.

Typical bath cabinets on Marsh view.  This photo reveals the beadboard.

Master cabinet in place.  Opening on right is prepared for the laundry chute.

Grout being applied in Dining/Living areas.

Dining/Living tile.  Rugs will be used for accent in both Family and Living rooms.

Tile and Bar Cabinet(right) in place for Family Room. Trim in place.

Beadboard installation underway.  Notice first coat of wall paint is completed.

Honeymoon niche (see honeymoon set in "Furnishings".

Beadboard frames entry to lower front (ocean) bedroom.

Ocean view from dining room.

Another view of dining room.

Looking into kitchen from dining room.

Family room, ocean side.

Built-ins appear in Living Room.  After this photo, the center units were installed.  These built-ins are a Geddings (builder) trademark. 

Closer view of built-ins.  Fireplace will occupy lower center.  TV is to occupy cabinet space above fireplace.  Quartz tile will frame the fireplace hearth.

Master bedroom entry.

Master bedroom NW wall, marsh view.  Queen bed will occupy this space.  See "Furnishings".

Master bedroom NE area with walk-in closet to left and master bath to right. Full size sleep sofa occupies the middle wall, with fabulous marsh view.  TV occupies chest top, far right.

Stair entry, with elevator entry, second door on left.  First door on left is guest storage.  Owner storage is further back toward vehicle in view.

Closer view of guest storage on front of property, with elevator entry next.

Workers install insulation and start vinyl underneath.

Vinyl approaching completion underneath.

Owner storage on Marsh view side.  This backside of owner storage will accept the outdoor shower installation.

Drive-through will be accessible from both front (ocean) and back (marsh).

May 30, 2006:  Today, "Angels Rest" was the proverbial "beehive" of activity.  Workmen jammed the site, jostling for room.  Major appliances demanded staircase time.   Our electrician has installed most interior lighting and fixtures ( six ceiling fans, eight bath lights, and such), including the receptacles and switch plates.  Floor receptacles, missed early on, are being revisited.    The painter (Tim) is finalizing his work throughout.  Our plumber, Dave Melton, was back on-site preparing the hot water "on demand" technology.  Exterior siding has been virtually completed.  The elevator contractor is on-site and coordinating with builder Dale Geddings.  Of  significant interest for many: the railings and pickets going in for the "Crow's Nest", the fifth deck.  Using a ladder, workmen installed two of the four sides of railings.  The spiral stair was being worked as well.  Owner Jeanne climbed up for the first observations.  The panorama is astonishing from the elevation.  Discussion of final arrangements for the "Certificate of Occupancy" abounded.

East view from Crow's Nest. 

May 31, 2006:  Builder Dale Geddings received accolades for orchestrating the work of several subs.  Workers continued to place finishing touches on paint, electrical (exterior), built-ins, and the "Crow's Nest".   Jay Henderson's framing team is extraordinarily gifted, as they demonstrated by working through the intricacies of the second two sides of the  "Crow's Nest".   Workers began dismantling the scaffolding and clearing the grounds of surplus materials. Owner Jeanne paid a call to the town inspector to discuss preparations for the Certificate of Occupancy, refined furnishings delivery schedules, and supervised the onset of interior clean-up. 

The crew. 

June  1, 2006:  Additional milestones reached today.  Bead board is now all primed.  The dining chandelier is an eye-catcher.   External  lighting fixtures are 90%.  Al  started installing permanent door hardware (latch knobs and deadbolts).  The built-ins continue to be enhanced - astoundingly beautiful!  Marble hearth is in place, with marble trim around the fireplace scheduled for tomorrow.  Fireplace unit was delivered.  HVAC sub installed compressors and final vent covers.  Elevator work continued.  Deck furnishings arrived from storage.  Electric service cable was installed underground from the public service head.   Site cleanup continued. 

June 2, 2006:  "Workpersons" were in various postures of productivity.  Several workers consulted on trim.

Appliance delivery in progress.

Permanent electric cable being buried.

June 2, 2006

June 3, 2006:  Saturday was no day of rest for workers at "Angels Rest".  Entertainment center, with fireplace, competes with ocean view as focal point.  Marble surrounds fireplace opening.

June 4, 2006:  Builder Dale, and five of his crew, were on site today, Sunday.  Owners pitched in with various tasks.    New palm trees and other plants are now on site.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Look for new pictures at this spot.

June 5, 2006:  Front driveway is prepared for concrete.

Both driveways are 13' wide.  The back drive has an added width to accommodate side parking.

Microwave vent requires an exterior opening, being prepared here.  Rich had a moment of panic, for just as he pulled the trigger on his sawzall to cut through the wall, the photographer's flash went off, simulating an electrical short.  A big laugh ensued, after Rich got his heart to pumping again.

Top posts on "Marsh View" are being dressed up.  Josh is multi-talented; he was amazing with his rope  demonstration when he staked and tied up the palms.

A crane arrives!

Kitchen counters arrive at the same time.  "Baltic Granite" is the selection.  All pieces were hoisted by crane onto the upper "Marsh View" deck for portage to the kitchen.  This last section is the sink cut-out.  (The kitchen is located on the top floor, with the dining room, master bedroom, and living room). 

Sink cut-out hoisted up on upper "Marsh View" deck, West Dolphin Drive approach.

A counter top section slides into place.

Matt finalizes kitchen cabinets.

"Elevator guys" at work.  Rails are prepared for  installation.

Grant of "Carolina Kitchens" checks installation progress.  Counter top concerns him at the moment; he is pleased (in spite of his expression).

Preliminary work on the spiral stairs to "Crow's Nest".  Who's minding the parts?  Spiral stair requires several hands.

Framer Jay Henderson and crew take a break from assembling spiral stair.  Jay watched the instruction tape last night, much to builder Dale Geddings' relief.

Jay Henderson, premier framer and finish contractor on Oak Island.  The owners are immensely indebted to Jay and his crew.

Palm tree moves carefully into place.

Another palm moves in., for two on each front corner.

"Palm blooper!".  Actually the blooper is in front of the palm, where the bobcat was buried up to the undercarriage.  Three guys dug it out and rescued the bobcat.

Owner Jim Simpson hitches his pants to put another palm into place.  Hard work for an amateur!

Meanwhile, the trim painter works on, finishing the entertainment center on the top floor.

June 7 and 8, '06:  Intensive work was logged the last two days.  Completed:  carpet installed, hot water "demand" device installed, LP tanks (for hot water and fireplace) delivered and placed on pads, plumbing completed (including backflow for landscape irrigation) and connected to meter, back driveway poured (front was left for Friday am due to weather reports), all electrical fixtures in place, furniture delivered (less beds scheduled for Friday morning) ,  final grading prep for landscaper, interior stairs have been ripped out and redone, piling braces installed as required by code.  Continuing: interior paint (considerable redo due to worker traffic), elevator installation is now at the cab phase, cut water on, cut electric on, flip to house electric meter off contractor's stub, install laundry chute, install all bath fixtures (towel rods, paper holders, robe hooks.  install blinds, hang pictures.  This is a brief description of progress at that moment.  Almost time to go "online".



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This page is a project in progress.  Follow along as "Angels Rest" takes shape in time for June '06 occupancy.  If you are not familiar with us, we would be pleased to hear from you!  Please let us know what your needs and questions are.  We will be more than happy to help.  You can reach us at  our e-mail address: owner@angelsrest.info.

Need rental information?   Go to Oak Island Accommodations Oak Island Accommodations is our  property manager.    For more information, contact them at  Oak Island Accommodations, Inc, 8901 East Oak Island Drive, Oak Island, North Carolina, 1-800-243-8132  

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